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Prestige Bagmane Temple Bells is an ongoing residential project developed by Prestige Group located in Rajarajeshwarinagar, West Bangalore. This elegant venture sprawls across 14 Acres , which includes land area and best amenities, facilities in and around the residential complex .These residential towers is surrounded by the elegant landscape and driveway that runs along these towers and hence connects all the key nodes of the development area.

Master Plan

The residential complex of this project is grouped in the form of two towers, forming a  clusters arranged in equal space from one other,  all around the project.  In between the residential towers and all over the peripheral region you can observe the clan of trees planted  and shorter shrubs are planted and hence provides the better environment for and the ambiance enhancing the living condition within the project with  nature friendly design .

This residential project is located in Rajarajeshwarinagar, West Bangalore. Since this project is located along Mysore road, which already has a good  transport network and has various civil modes running through out the city hence provide better opportunity for the quick and also at the same time helps in ease of transport to reach other parts of the city .

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